Admission Process

Admission Process

Eligibility & Selection Criteria


Those desiring to seek admission at S.J.H.S.I.C.C.S are, at the time obtaining the Application Form, expected to avail themselves of the guidance of the Counsellor appointed by the Institute, who will facilitate the choice of a particular course apt for the student.


Admission Procedure


  • Subject to fulfillment of requirements, admissions are open to all irrespective of caste, colour, creed or sex.
  • A student who has passed the Higher Secondary Examination from any recognized Board is eligible to apply for any of the above mentioned courses provided the subjects he/she opts corresponds to it.
  • The candidate is advised to apply for admission only if he/she is sure that he/she fulfills the eligibility requirements for the particular programme for which he/she is seeking admission. In case a student who is provisionally admitted on the basis of the information – documents furnished by him/her is found ineligible, due to any reason, the Director/Principal can cancel his/her admission.

Requirements as per the University Rules:


  • Only those students who have passed Class XII can seek admission to graduate programmes. Students who have to appear in Supplementary exam to pass Class XII are not eligible to seek admission unless permitted by the M. P. Government and the University.
  • Those students who are not previously enrolled with the University must submit the Enrollment Form (obtained from the College Office) along with the Admission Form.
  • The decision of the Director/Principal with respect to admission shall be final.


  • In the matter of Reservation of Seats, the Institute follows the provisions contained in the Constitution of Indian and the decision of the Supreme Court of India and M. P. Government Rules as applicable to educational institutions.
  1. Admission process begins in April and ends in July
  2. Our college facilitates direct admission to students; there is no need to go through prior online registration at MP Online.
  3. Students can either take direct admission or online through college website.
  4. Students can complete their admission by filling admission form and submit it along with required documents and by paying assigned fees.
  5. If any student is having any kind of query related to subject or stream they can attend the face to face counseling session at college premises with our expert faculties.
  6. Students can visit the college premises in official hours during the admission process.