The institution has a pronged vision of advancing knowledge through research, imparting higher education, in calculating socially relevant values with excellence in all pursuits.

Our efforts are dedicated towards imparting quality and value based education to raise the satisfaction level of our students. We strive to develop citizens with knowledge, skill and character leading to societal transformation and national development.

We are committed to give our students a quality education, making them aware of their social and ethical responsibilities thus, leading them towards a better personal, professional and social life.

  1. We cannot change anything unless we accept it. -Carl Jung
    Prof. Richa Sharma
  2. What you think will become your reality… be careful!
    Prof. Abhishek Bajpai
  3. rule 1 :never loose your money rule 2 : Don't forget rule 1. (Waren Buffet)
    Prof. Sonal Kotak